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History of our Neighborhood

Middletown's history begins in 1651, when Puritan settlers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded the settlement of Mattabeseck, on the land currently encompassing Middletown, Cromwell, Middlefield, Portland, East Hampton, and (part of) Berlin. Three years later, 31 "taxable persons" lived at Mattabeseck, most residing close to the Meeting House which had been constructed at the north end of the current Main Street.

How Do I get Involved?


Many of the problems facing the North End are not unusual for urban neighborhoods but that doesn’t mean that the neighborhood should be passive. If the North End neighborhood is to be a healthy neighborhood it must have good housing for its residents, standards of public safety that encourage children and families to feel safe and thrive, a Main Street that has vitality, and a population of residents and business owners who work collaboratively and actively to ensure that the quality of life on Main Street, above Main Street, and behind Main Street is positive. Participation and resident/stakeholder leadership is the key to creating a strong, self-determining neighborhood that can identify needs, advocate for change, and gain the resources to ensure success. The more people that participate the more power the neighborhood has to make positive changes. Numbers Count.


Interactive Map

Check out an interactive map of Middletown for restaurants, offices, shopping and other sights and sounds of Middletown.


Learn About NEAT

NEAT is you! The North End Action Team (NEAT) evolved in 1996 from a city-sponsored Urban Homesteading Task Force, begun in response to widespread concerns about negative conditions in the city's North End. Resident activists and organizers believed that a grassroots effort should be undertaken to develop resident-driven leadership to assess problems, determine priorities, and develop solutions to neighborhood issues.  

Staff and Program Coordinators

Who Are We?

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